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Sunflower Trophy Races Jamie Lyons

by / Thursday, 18 October 2018 / Published in Blog / News, Motor Bike Racing

Dedication and Determination!!

Back in 2016, a young up and coming junior moto cross rider was seriously injured in the final rounds of the Youth Moto Cross championships at Sailsbury in England, so bad was this accident, that Doctors at the hospital, told his parents, that he may never walk again!, riding motor cycles or playing Rugby would be out of question!

Not the news anyone wishes to hear!, However ,Two years on, this same lad has just won the Mondello Masters Junior Cup series, amassing an amazing 20 wins, from 20 starts! A couple of weeks ago, he was in Spain where he faced his biggest challenge to date, hoping for a place in the Coveted Red Bull Rookies Cup selection for the 2019 Moto GP series! Unfortunately, Jamie didn’t make the cut, but the experience certainly will do him good.

The rider in question is 13 year old scholar Jamie Lyons. Following his moto cross crash, Jamie suffered serious hip injuries, Following treatment on the mainland, Jamies Parents weren’t too happy with the procedures, and after discussions with specialists, it was agreed that Jamie could return home, in a removable cast, He returned home via air-med, and with no beds available at the Royal, it was agreed that he could return to his own home.

Within a week, the gritty youngster was out of cast and walking with crutches, within 4 weeks he had himself in the swimming pool and when he went back to see doctor on the 28th December he walked in unaided and shocked the doctor. So on 2nd Jan 2017 this very determined lad raced at the Evo MX at St Johns point (was supposed to be a wee run out but he won 2 of the 3 races and 2nd in the other one)!

Now if thas isn’t determination and dedication,I don’t know what is!!

Despite his success rate this year, Jamie is doing well, but will be continually monitored to keep an eye on the bone as he tore the femoral ligament. – and add to his racing, the youngster is also back back playing rugby for Omagh Academy and even did the Omagh 5km run in 29 minutes.!

Junior moto cross was still his interest at heart, until the end of the 2016 season, where, whilst still on crutches, attended the Sunflower meeting, with his Dad, who was helping out with his neighbours, the Cairns twins, It was when Paul Cairns ( The twins Father) said “we will get you racing one of these won’t need your hip for jumps” and that’s how it Jamies tarmac career started!


Following the compulsory training schools at the start of the year, Young Lyons went on to ride the Cairns Aprilia , and finished 3rd in Irish Young Guns 2017 , he also finished 2nd in MCCNI All Ireland 85cc MX championship (would likely have won but a rescheduled race clashed with the Davy Wood).

Following his transgression to tarmac, Lyons has worked hard at adapting to the different techinique of riding, This year, Thanks to the support of C&M Motors Omagh, Jamie has clinched the Mondello Masters Junior Cup Championship with Maximum points!, and heads into the final two races of the USBK Junior Cup in third place behind Cameron Dawson and Jonny Campbell.







The Sunflower Trophy race meeting which takes place on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th October,also incorporates the final round of the 2018 USBK Championships.This is a Two Day event,
Thursday 18th October ; Competitors will be admitted to the Paddock from 2.00pm,
Thursday 19th October; Spectators /Motorhomes etc admitted to Circuit after 6.00pm.
Practice and Qualifying will commence Friday 19th October @ approx 9.15 AM.
Five Races will take place on Friday afternoon.
Car Parking and Viewing on Hard Standing Everywhere.
Admission Charges;
Friday ONLY ; £15.00
Saturday ; £ 20.00

Race Schedule for Sunflower Trophy Races
The 41st Sunflower Trophy Race meeting takes place this Friday and Saturday. With continued sponsorship from Jim Finlay, this unique end of season short circuit has yet again attracted a top class entry. Timed Practice will start on Friday morning at 9.15 am
Race Timetable –
1. Pre Injection & Cup Non-Qualifiers 8 Laps
2. Superbike Pro Race 1 10 Laps
3. Superbike Cup / Supersport Cup & F1 8 Laps
4. Young Guns Challenge / Junior Cup 7 Laps
5. Moto 3 / 250GP 8 Laps
Race Timetable – Saturday
Stewards Meeting 8.00am to 8.30am
Riders Briefing 8.45am
Warm Up – 9.15 am 1. Superbike 2. Supersport
Saturday Race Programme
1. Lightweight Supersport 8 Laps
2. Young Guns Challenge / Junior Cup 7 Laps
3. Supertwins / Prod Twins 8 Laps
4. Moto 3 / 250cc GP 8 Laps
5. Supersport Pro 10 Laps
6. Superbike Cup / Supersport Cup & F1 8 Laps
7. Superbike Pro Race 2 10 Laps
8. Sidecars 8 Laps
9. The Sunflower Trophy Race 12 Laps
10. Pre Injection & Cup Non-Qualifiers 8 Laps
11. S/Twins / P/ Twins (Junior Sunflower Trophy Race)
8 Laps 12. Supersport Pro
10 Laps 13. Lightweight Supersport 8 Laps
14. Sidecars 8 Laps

Sunflower Trophy Practice Schedule ( All sessions Timed)
1. Pre Injection
2. Production Twins
3. Supertwins
4. Superbike Cup & F1
5. Superbike Pro 1
6. Young Guns Challenge / Junior Cup
7. Supersport Cup
8. Supersport Pro
9. Lightweight Supersport
10. Moto 3 / 250cc GP
11. Superbike and Superbike Cup Qualifiers
12. Supertwins / Production Twins Qualifiers
13. Supersport Pro plus Cup Qualifiers
14. Sidecar

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