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Motorcycling Ireland president hits out at clubs after chiefs axe all 2020 events

by / Friday, 22 May 2020 / Published in Blog / News, Motor Bike Racing, Road Racing

By Aaron League UK Clubsport 


MOTORCYCLING Ireland boss Sean Bissett has hit out at some clubs for pushing on with racing after the organisation cancelled all 2020 events this week.

The move comes as a number of clubs ponder whether to forge ahead with this year’s competition or axe championships altogether.

In England, the FSRA has already cancelled all 2020 events while in Northern Ireland, the Cookstown 100 Road Races are all set to go ahead – albeit with limited spectators.

But Motorcycling Ireland’s president Bissett has express stark disapproval of clubs, chiefly within the MCUI (Ulster Centre) branch, which are looking to push on – even after his organisation cancelled all its 2020 events a few days ago.

A statement from Mr Bissett today reads:

Motorcycling Ireland announced on March 19th that all its 2020 events are cancelled for the foreseeable future to ease the pressure on the Health and Medical Services in these difficult circumstances.

We are alarmed and annoyed to read that some individual organising clubs within the MCUI (Ulster Centre) are still intending to promote events in this current climate. They do not have the authority or support of the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland to promote these events in 2020. We also feel that they are bringing our sport unnecessarily into the public spotlight when the governments of Ireland are still trying to keep this epidemic under control.

We have accepted that as for 2020 our motorcycling sport will not be adding any pressure on the various health and public departments throughout Ireland and would hope the Ulster Centre follows that lead as we look forward to joint planning for our return in 2021.

As UK Clubsport understands, the Cookstown 100 is still set to go ahead on September 11-12.

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