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David Wood Trophy races in September cancelled due to Covid-19 risk

by / Tuesday, 14 July 2020 / Published in Blog / News, Motor Bike Racing

22/09/19 Jason Lynn 3rd time David Wood Trophy winner.

September’s two-day IFS David Wood Trophy meeting has been cancelled as a ‘direct result’ of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Motorcycling Road Racing Club of Ireland’s event was scheduled to take place at Bishopscourt Racing Circuit in Co. Down from September 19-20.

However, event co-ordinator Mark Sanlon said it was imperative that ‘everyone played their part’ in helping the NHS return to normal, adding that running a race meeting ‘added unnecessary risks’.

Last week, the MCUI Ulster Centre issued a guidance document in response to Sport NI’s Framework for a resumption of sport against the backdrop of the Covid-19 virus, which the body said was ‘predicated on two key principles’, namely that racing would not take place unless the all-clear was given by the NI Executive or Sport NI, or if it would ‘have a negative impact upon HSC (the NHS)’. In a statement, the David Wood Trophy organisers said: “The MCRRCI believe that with our sport being high-speed there will always be a risk of injury and the need for our NHS services. We can only thank our NHS for their services and commitment in the fight against Covid-19 this year, they will need everyone to play their part in helping them return to normal services without adding any unnecessary risks.”

The promoters said all aspects of running the event this summer had been taken into consideration in arriving at the decision not to proceed with plans for the race.

“The IFS David Wood Trophy Race Promoters, Motorcycle Road Racing Club of Ireland (MCRRCI), requested advice from the various agencies involved with the running of the event along with sponsors. We can now confirm we will not be requesting an insurance permit from the MCUI (UC).

“All aspects of putting this two-day event on have been considered as regards additional toilets and staffing, restriction of entries, circuit availability, paddock space, overnight staying, local authority, medical cover, and rider/team limits etc.”

MCRRCI official Sanlon said the ongoing uncertainty around the impact of coronavirus over the next few months also had to be taken into account.

“I would not feel comfortable putting our valued volunteers, club members and officials at risk of contracting Covid-19,” he said.

“With a lot of uncertainty surrounding the coming months and getting to Stage 5, we must mitigate the situation and adjust accordingly to protect our volunteers and communities. Nor do we want to put our valued sponsors under any financial pressure as they deal with the business aftermath of Covid-19 themselves.

“We hope you all agree that this is the correct decision to make and that we use this time to implement the recommendations in the resumption of competition plan for our 2021 season. Our sport is a very selfish sport but currently there is a big risk to everyone, not just the competitors themselves.

“We hope for a full return of all our championship events in 2021.”

No short circuit races or Irish road races have taken place so far in 2020.

Ireland’s biggest short circuit event, the Sunflower Trophy meeting in October, was cancelled in May.

The organisers of the Cookstown 100 hope to run their race, postponed from April, from September 11-12.

The Tandragee 100 is also ‘postponed’, but no alternative dates have been suggested for the North Armagh Club’s event this year.

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